A Marie Antoinette Costume in 15 minutes

Usually the former queen of France uses her Sundays to dole out advice on love and life. It being nearly Halloween, she's decided to help you prepare to dress in her likeness, and has a gameplan to help you do so properly and quickly. As you put together your costumes, send photo she can post … Continue reading A Marie Antoinette Costume in 15 minutes


Best for last! Halloween Maries

Can you believe Halloween is over? I can't but I'm happy to say I saw the most creative range of costumes this year, especially of our darling queen. From Frida the Fairy, of DustyFairyTrashyMind, a friend of this site, who made this costumed out of things she had on hand. Semi-homemade food queen Sandra Lee … Continue reading Best for last! Halloween Maries

Even More Costumes! Send yours along!

It's Halloween! I hope your day is filled with treats not tricks. We're putting Marie's advice column on hold today as we post more and more costumes and ideas for people going out tonight. Big hair and big fun from GlitteratiElite (Check the link for a makeup tutorial). Masked mystery from Twitterer @Juelz1976 A man … Continue reading Even More Costumes! Send yours along!

Halloween Marie: Send me your photos!

It's go time and you're likely running about putting the finishing touches on your costumes. Once you're picture perfect, send me a photo and I'll post it on the site. I just got one from reader Lady Cat Head, and love her hat! The great thing about a historically inspired costume is that they're usually … Continue reading Halloween Marie: Send me your photos!

Real-World Marie Antoinette Halloween Costumes

The best part of Halloween isn't just the costumes -- is the creativity and ingenuity. The fun is in how people transform themselves using what they've got: their brains, their two hands and the odds and ends that someone else would toss into recycling. Here are some real-world Marie Antoinette costumes to get you inspired … Continue reading Real-World Marie Antoinette Halloween Costumes

Marie Antoinette Halloween Costume Inspiration

We have dabbled a little in Marie-inspired dress in this previous post, but Halloween is coming and as we all know, further discussion is needed to perfect the ultimate costume. Elements of the Perfect Marie Antoinette costume: 1. The perfect wig. Antoinette's Atelier on Etsy specializes in ornate wigs embellished with ribbon, curls and fabulousness. … Continue reading Marie Antoinette Halloween Costume Inspiration

Marie Party Dress Code: Sexy Courtier

Each Wednesday this space covers the all-important topic of the Marie Antoinette themed party. We’ve covered cakes [here and here] and invitations [here and here] and even party accessories and decor. Today's topic? Dress code. Marie herself chose her guards for their attractiveness and once borrowed a few to have enough dance partners at a … Continue reading Marie Party Dress Code: Sexy Courtier