Ask the Queen!

WWMAD: What would Marie Antoinette do?

What indeed.

Modern ladies in a pickle, with a love problem, a friend problem or an all-around life catastrophe, have found themselves in luck. For the first time in centuries, the last queen of the ancien regime will be your Dear Abby, your Oprah, your Dr. Phil, your emotional sherpa. While Marie does not have a formal counseling background, she dealt with frenemies and enemies, was used as an international pawn, was the subject of countless scandals, and is a recovered shopaholic. She also lived during one of the most infamous social and political revolutions, was almost stabbed in her bed, and knows a thing or two about crisis. Every Sunday, she crafts advice from her unique 18th century perspective, putting her wealth of  experience to use for you. Extra points awarded to letters written in fancy old-timey language.

Send all emails to whatwouldmarieantoinettedo at gmail dot com to be answered Sundays.


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17 thoughts on “Ask the Queen!

  1. Helen Wake says:

    Have just found this sight via “Madame Guillotine”, of which I am a huge fan, and especially adore the pictures that you post. It is all very inspirational. I hope some of your readers have noticed my etsy offerings of Trianon style muslin gowns, pink shoes with our own Beloved’s portrait, and for the more modernistic, a Merveilleuses style muslin gown and leopard velvet pellerine? Enough advertising, I must get better at photography and I could share with all my Christmas tree that I styled as a Versailles Garden that had been locked after the last party, and only rediscoverd recently, and myself at Halloween in black Marie Antoinette gown and powdered wig with theatrical blood running all down my neck and shoulders to look as though I had plonked my head back on. I wouldn’t reccomend it as it was horribly sticky, but LOTS of fun!
    Lots of love Darlings! XXX


    • mistressoftheblog says:

      Welcome and thanks so much for your kind words about this site. I’d love to see your Etsy offerings. I’ll do a search. And please share photos of your Marie Antoinette Christmas tree and Halloween costume. I’d really love to see them.


  2. Zoe says:

    hello queen! I’m having a birthday party at my house for my 16th birthday. Its Marie Antoinette themed of course and I was wondering if you had any game ideas?


  3. Vanessa says:

    Hi love your page, and am glad to see you back now 😊 I adore all things Marie Antoinette! This year I experienced seeing visions of jewellery – I created The Marie Antoinette Collection – My Favourite Things. Some of them are on my etsy store and Instagram too. https/
    Instagram @marieantoinettejewellery


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