Imbibe! The Marie Antoinette Cocktail

In this Wednesday series we tackle Marie Antoinette party ideas. We’ve covered cakes [here and here] and invitations [here and here] and even party accessories, dress code and decor. Today we enjoy a specialty cocktail.

There are various Marie Antoinette cocktail recipes online. Honestly, most of them sound terrible. Marie would not have had even a sip of them. Granted, Marie wasn’t a drinker (unless you’re talking about mineral water) but that’s beside the point. They were beneath her.

Except for this one, from Martini Mistress. This looks pretty delish, but then I’m partial to raspberries.

What cocktails make you think of fun and decadence?

2 thoughts on “Imbibe! The Marie Antoinette Cocktail

  1. Helen Wake says:

    That sounds good, but try this one as well;
    1 of Cognac
    1 of Cointreau
    Dash of dry Vermouth
    Dash of Port
    Juice of half a Blood Orange
    It is strong and delicious and has a rather gothic bloody appearance. Try “The Fersen” as well, my husband invented it.
    1 and a 1/2 of Swedidish Vodka
    1 and a 1/2 of Cointreau
    2 dashes of Framboise
    Garnish with a fresh raspberry on a sword shaped cocktail stick!
    It’s not a cheap way to get drunk, but it’s worth it! Of course, nearly forgot, both should be served in a champagne-saucer


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